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Estate Planning

Complete estate planning includes much more than the preparation of documents.  Wills, trusts, and a power of attorney
may all be necessary, depending on a client’s needs.  Just as important though is the willingness to take the time to
understand a client’s wishes and fears.  Estate planning is a difficult and simply uncomfortable issue for many people.  
Open communication and a full understanding of your plan will bring a feeling of security, knowing that your wishes are
properly stated.  I will take the time to discuss your situation and to develop a proper plan, before any will or any other
instrument is prepared.  Once we determine what is necessary, I will prepare and fully explain the documents required to
carry out your wishes.  My services include:  

preparing a will, trust, power of attorney, living will, and other documents as necessary;

minimizing estate and gift tax liabilities;

planning for retirement;

using life insurance policies; and

litigating will, estate, and trust issues.